I’m Júlia Roca Vera‭, ‬and I’m a product design student based in Barcelona‭. ‬I consider myself creative‭, ‬organised‭, ‬flexible‭, ‬passionate‭ and ‬resolutive‮.
I love projecting my ideas on my own‭, ‬but I enjoy the experience of being part of a team as well‭. ‬I take in as much as I can from these‭ ‬experiences so that I can better myself by learning other techniques and seeing different methodologies‭.‬

I believe that one of the most important aspects of design is the way how the artist wants to express or communicate with their work‭. ‬My favorite part of the process of designing a product is the before-hand research of concepts‭, ‬essence‭, ‬reasons... Because it is the base of the project and it must be very solid. ‬And then finding the appropriate textures‭, ‬shapes and colors to begin projecting them on the product‭.